Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Supporting and nurturing all life on this pretty blue planet is a very important commitment I am taking to the next level. You may have heard that to create positive change I’ve started a foundation. Well it’s true! The IS Foundation aims to empower, educate & collaborate with people & projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.

I’m so very excited to be able to connect with everyone who wants to see change. Because of my heart-centered commitment, this year, my one and ONLY birthday wish is to help our planet and our furry friends.

I'm posting this on my blog because I believe in this foundation and what it can do. The picture about is Biscuit my dog and I after she had surgery on her spine and was happy as she could be because I was there. We need to be there and help natures creatures in any way we can.

Go to isfoundation to find out more and to donate because together we can change the world.

Any amount you can give is worth it.

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Disclosure: I wrote this post for free in hopes to helping natures creatures.

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