Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: Clinere Ear Cleaners

The most widely used method of ear cleaning is by the use of cotton swabs. Cotton swabs generally always smear wax, dirt and debris back into the ear creating more of a dam condition than a Cleaned Condition. A story that describes the true performance of a cotton swab can go like this. A bucket of ice cream has a remainder of ice cream lining the sides of the container. A cotton swab is like trying to scoop that ice cream out of the container with the round end of a baseball bat. (A similar shape to the cotton swab.) Though the bat would have ice cream residue on it, it obviously wouldn’t work very well! It gets more interesting. The user actually gets rewarded with success when looking at the residue of earwax found on the cotton swab. Believing this has successfully cleaned the ear the user continues to do this nearly everyday. In fact, the cotton swab has more likely smeared most of the wax, dirt and debris back into the ear.

Cleaning the entrance area to the ear canal can sometimes help allow and support the ears naturally occurring ear canal migration of earwax and debris to continue out from within the ear.
Clinere Ear Cleaners help scoop, scrape and extract this wax, dirt and debris from this area.

This product works wonderfully. I'm very impressed. I used to use Q tips on a daily basis but now I'm considering changing over to Clinere Ear Cleaners. They were able to clean over my ear instead of with Q tips just moving the wax around my ear. I also get at least 2 ear infections a year and I actually received these to review while I has a ear infection this helped get rid of wax from my ears draining. 

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Disclosure: I received this product for free and all thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

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