Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: WAT-AAH

WAT-AHH! was launched in June 2008 in New York. It is currently distributed in more than 250 stores including Whole Foods Market. WAT-AHH! contains no sugar, artificial flavors, colors or unnatural additives. WAT-AAH! is ultra pure water containing the right amounts of essential ingredients such as magnesium, electrolytes and oxygen to help maintain children's health. WAT-AHH!'s mission is to reverse the established behavior and dependency on sweetened drinks among America's children, and ultimately help fight the battle against childhood obesity and to teach kids that healthy bodies can be obtained thorough healthy hydration.

*WAT-AHH! Bones: ultra pure water with magnesium to help bone growth

*WAT-AHH! Brain: ultra pure water with added electrolytes to encourage faster absorption, hydration and cooling down

*WAT-AHH! Energy: ultra pure water with oxygen for increased metabolic function and energy

*WAT-AHH! Bones: the foundation for the brand with simple and super clean spring water, totally free of sugar

My whole family loves WAT-AHH! My son was the first to try it and he loves it. I like that it has added ingredients in the different bottles. Water is so important for everyone and the look of the bottle is what made my son want to drink it so a big thank you to WAT-AHH!

Disclosure: I received this product for free and all thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

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