Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: WarmlyYours Under Desk Heater

The products from WarmlyYours are perfect for winter days.
They have towel warmers too floor heating for hardwood.
I am using the WarmlyYours Under Desk Heater right now!
I really like it with toddlers a space heater wasn't a good idea for us. I worried he would touch it and get burnt. So this is perfect for my at home office the cords are hidden and it's just a rug to him and a food warmer for me!

A WarmlyYours Under Desk Heater provides the same level of comfort and warmth as a standard space heater at a fraction of the energy use. A typical convection space heater can consume up to 1500 watts per hour, while an Under Desk Heater uses less than 120 watts. This energy efficient design, utilizing radiant heating technology, keeps you warm and comfortable while lowering your energy costs. It is  a very stylish solution to an age old problem – It’s just too cold at your desk. This plug-in floor mat is designed to fit conveniently under any desk, providing extra warmth and comfort, when and where you need it.

They come in Small & Large in a Merlot color.

Go to there site WarmlyYours 
ad tell me a product you want to try!

Disclosure: I received this product for free and all thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

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